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Sat: 9:00am-5:00pm
 Sunday: on call

Tel: (514) 693-9777

Therapeutic Massage, Osteopathy and Reflexology

Types of Therapeutic Massage and Osteopathy

Massage Types...


  • Masso-Kinesitherapy

  • Kinetic Swedish Massage

  • Sport Massage

  • Chair Massage

  • Myofascial release

  • Pregnant Woman Massage

  • Visceral Manipulation

  • Lymphatic Drainage (Vodder)

  • Deep Tissue Massage

  • Reflexology



Osteopathy is a complex science and manual therapy that aims at discovering the root causes of client’s illnesses and pathologies, treating the patients globally, considering their whole life history and not just treating their symptoms.


Meet Our Professional Team


Julie Mischook

Osteopath & Massage Therapist

Julie’s love and passion for competitive sports led her to be a life long student of human anatomy and biomechanics. Academically she gravitated to health sciences and biology which ultimately led to completion of Swedish Massage Therapy, Masso-kinesitherapy and Sport Massage certification at Kine-Concept Institute by 1999. Her capable hands coupled with her understanding of the human anatomy quickly found her providing therapeutic massage to clients in Montreal as well as helping several professional and amateur athletes in the Montreal area including players from the NHL and CFL, just to name a few.


In 2004, Julie founded Force Vitale, a therapeutic and sports massage clinic employing like minded massage therapists which has served the West Island for 18 years. In parallel she accepted a position as an instructor at Kine Concept Institute which allows her to teach her expertise and knowledge to future massage therapists.


Her passion for providing her clients with best in class care led her to acquire her Osteopathy Diploma from Sutherland Academy of Osteopathy of Quebec, her thesis was “Osteopathic Treatment on Asthmatics”; where she was retained as an instructor specialized in pulmonary care. If this wasn’t enough, Julie went on to gain a certification in Somatraining, which is an approach to training with an osteopathic vision, where you will find her recommending postural exercises such as ELDOA, myo-fascial stretches or analytical strengthening exercices as part of her treatment protocol. This makes Julie amongst a handful of Canadians to be certified for both Osteopathy and Somatraining.


Her experience over the 24 years, expertise and unique certification allows her to provide exceptional care for all her clients in a clinic which prides itself on exceptional customer service.


Julie is a registered member of Société Canadienne pour la Traduction de l'ostéopathie (So.Ca.To), Association Québécoise des Thérapeutes Naturels (AQTN).




Carole Leblanc

Massage Therapist

Carole, in 2009, could no longer work out at the gym without pain due to significant untreated tension in her back. Massage therapy relieved much of her pain to the point where it motivated her to change careers, focussed on helping others with the same difficulties. Caroles’ career started in 2010 with a Kinetic Swedish Massage certification at Kine-Concept Institute.


Deep tissue, fascia therapy, therapeutic chair, prenatal and children massage were added to her roster of therapies. Carole has learned to understand and appreciate the benefits of relaxation and holistic therapy. Now, her treatments have intentions to treat clients with care and consideration of the person as a whole.

Carole is happy to be able to continue learning to expand her knowledge and horizons. Her words are: “In Massage Therapy, as in life, there are no limitations”.  Carole is a registered therapist of AQTN, Association Québécoise des Thérapeutes Naturels.



Raffaele DeMarco

Massage Therapist

Raffaele is a MassoKinesitherapist with aptitude in various therapeutic techniques. At the beginning of his career in 2010, his focus was on Kinetic Swedish massage. Since then, he has gained expertise in managing chronic pain through studying techniques such as Myofascia Deep Tissue Release, Trigger Point Therapy, and Fascia Therapy. These approaches help re-establish structural balance and release of muscle tension, by manipulating the adhesions and tensions found at the deeper myofascial level. As a MassoKinesitherapist, this therapy allows for the understanding of possible causes of pain and limitations of movement that clients are experiencing. Specific tests are performed along with a postural analysis before using manual techniques.


Mr. De Marco has been a part of the team at Force Vitale for nearly 12 years specializing in therapeutic massage. Mr. De Marco is a member of FQM, Fédération Québécoise des Massothérapeutes agréés.



Chantal Forgues

Massage Therapist and
Reiki Practitioner

Chantal is a certified massage therapist and reiki practitioner specializing in therapeutic massages and energetic body work. Chantal is best know for being a strong woman, a devoted mom, a compassionate, generous, and loving friend, a holistic massage therapist, a health & wellness advocate, someone who loves spending time in the gym, and meditator. She possesses a passion for helping people release restrictions in the body, find physical, emotional, and energetic balance to support healthy living through mind, body, and soul connection. 


Chantal’s specialties are full body Swedish & Flow "Esalen" massage, traditional Reiki, Chakra balancing, energetic grounding work and bio electromagnetic therapy. 


Chantal is a registered massage therapist of AMQ, Association des Massothérapeutes du Québec.



Sherene Macfarlane

Massage Therapist

Sherene has been a massage therapist for over 16 years. Sherene is a graduate from Kiné-Concept Institute for Swedish Massage Therapy which led her to further studies from the Upledger Institute in Cranial Sacral Therapy.


Sherene has been a therapist at Force Vitale for almost 8 years, Sherene’s passion is to provide clients the benefits of massage therapy, with a special interest in releasing muscle tension that contributes to reducing stress in clients hectic lives. 


Sherene is a registered therapist of Réseau des massothérapeutes professionnels du Québec.